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Mr Bruce Daniels

Cancer Research UK Finance and Research Grants Co-ordinatorBruce Daniels

I am responsible for:

The management and oversight of the CRUK Cambridge Centre finances, currently across 24 Departments within the University of Cambridge. This includes the following awards:

  • The main CRUK Major Centre award;
  • CRUK Funded Clinical and non-Clinical Training Fellowships;
  • NIHR Funding for the Centre;
  • CRUK funding for the Cambridge Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre;
  • CRUK Funding for the Cambridge Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory;
  • The Mark Foundation Institute for Integrative Cancer Medicine;
  • The CRUK Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence; and
  • The Kirshnan-Ang Senior Research award.

My role encompasses all stages of the grant life-cycle, assisting the Principal Investigators and researchers in wise stewardship of their grants to achieve their research objectives.


I am also a member of the:

  • Department of Oncology Management Committee;
  • CRUK Cambridge Centre Executive Committee;
  • CRUK Cambridge Centre Administrative Committee; and
  • UK Research & Innovation Funding Assurance Programme Project Team.