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Department of Oncology


Dr Birgitta Olofsson


My job includes 2 main roles:

1. Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre Postgraduate Training Programme Co-ordinator

  • Organisation and co-ordination of Postgraduate Training Programme activities.
  • Co-ordination of student recruitment for PhD studentships, for both clinicians and non-clinicians.
  • Managing all aspects of the CRUK Cambridge Centre's MRes/PhD course and providing support to the Training Programme Directors, Training Programme Committee and CRUK Cambridge Centre Director.

2. Department of Oncology Postgraduate Administrator

  • Process postgraduate student applications to the Department.
  • Provide advice, information and support to postgraduate students (prospective and current) and their supervisors. Includes advising on visa applications & renewals; University Board of Graduate Studies policies & procedures, such as how to register as a student supervisor, first year assessments for PhD registration, student reporting, intermissions and deferrals of thesis submission; and providing pastoral care for students.
  • Respond to requests for data and information from internal and external sources, e.g. Principal Investigators, the Board of Graduate Studies, the Higher Degrees Office, the Postgraduate School of Life Sciences, the departmental Management Team, departmental administrators, graduate student supervisors, current and prospective graduate students.
  • Produce and maintain departmental graduate education handbooks.
  • Departmental Student Disability Liaison Officer. This involves attending meetings with the University's Disability Resource Centre, keeping abreast of changes in policies and providing advice and support to students with disabilities.


  • Member of the Department of Oncology Management Committee.
  • Departmental Disability Liaison Officer.