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Department of Oncology


I am responsible for:

  • Advising and assisting the Head of Department on University and Departmental Health & Safety Policy.
  • Producing and maintaining the Departmental Safety Policy.
  • Ensuring efficient operation of the Departmental Safety Committee, including acting as Secretary to the Committee.
  • Reporting accidents, incidents and near misses involving staff, students and visitors to the University Safety Office, ensuring we comply with RIDDOR.
  • Leading safety audits (both internal and external) and return data for annual audits, e.g. chemicals, biological safety, laser and sealed sources.
  • Ensuring new members of the department, including visitors, are inducted in health & safety issues.
  • Circulating health & safety information to all staff and students.
  • Keeping abreast of UK and University Health & safety laws.
  • Attending Health & Safety related training courses, as and when necessary.


  • Departmental Chemical Safety Officer (ChemInventory administrator)
  • Departmental Fire Safety Manager
  • Membership of the following committees:
    • Department of Oncology Management Committee
    • Department of Oncology Emergency Action Plan Team
    • Clifford Allbutt Building Safety Committee
    • Hutchison/MRC Research Centre Health & Safety Committee
    • Hutchison/MRC Research Centre Emergency Action Plan Team
Departmental Safety Officer

Contact Details

Department of Oncology
University of Cambridge
The Hutchison Building
Box 197, Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Hills Road
Not available for consultancy