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Greg Hannon to become new CRUK Cambridge Institute Director

last modified Mar 16, 2018 12:50 PM

Greg HannonCancer Research UK and the University of Cambridge are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Greg Hannon as the new Director of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute.

On 01 February 2018, Professor Hannon will take over from Professor Simon Tavaré, who has led the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute since 2013 and was a Senior Group Leader at the Institute since 2006.

Professor Greg Hannon (link is external) joined the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute in 2014 as a Senior Group Leader, after spending more than 20 years at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, where he was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and chaired the cancer genetics program as part of the Lab’s NCI-designated Cancer Center.

Professor Hannon is internationally recognised for his contributions to small RNA biology, cancer biology, and mammalian genomics. He has a long history in the discovery of cancer genes, and he has developed widely used tools and strategies for manipulation of gene expression in mammalian cells and animals, and exome capture approaches that are now being used to inform personalized medicine in the clinic.

Last year Professor Hannon was announced as one of the first ever winners of Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge (link is external) awards. He and his team will receive up to £20 million for an innovative project to build a 3D tumour that can be studied using virtual reality and which shows every single different type of cell in the tumour. The technology will allow multiple doctors and scientists to look at a tumour at the same time, working together to help diagnose and treat patients better.

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