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Neil Burnet

Professor Neil Burnet



Research Interests

Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy for Brain and Spinal Tumours and Radiotherapy for Sarcoma.

  • Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy for Brain and Spinal Tumours.
  • Advanced radiotherapy techniques.
  • Distinguishing physical and biological determinants of radiotherapy toxicity.
  • Genetic determinants of individual variation in normal tissue radiosensitivity.


Pubmed journal articles - pubmed

Key publications

Barnett GC, Coles CE, Elliott RM, Baynes C, Luccarini C, Conroy D, Wilkinson JS, Tyrer J, Misra V, Platte R, Gulliford SL, Sydes MR, Hall E, Bentzen SM, Dearnaley DP, Burnet NG, Pharoah PD, Dunning AM, West CM. Independent validation of genes and polymorphisms reported to be associated with radiation toxicity: a prospective analysis study. Lancet Oncol. 2012; 13(1): 65-77

Burnet NG, Adams EJ, Fairfoul J, Tudor GSJ, Hoole ACF, Routsis, DS Dean JC, Kirby RD, Cowen M, Russell SG, Rimmer YL, Thomas SJ. Practical aspects of implementation of helical tomotherapy for intensity-modulated and image-guided radiotherapy. Clin Oncol. 2010; 22(4): 294-312

Barnett GC, West CML, Dunning AM, Elliott RM, Coles CE, Pharaoh PD, Burnet NG. Normal Tissue Reactions to Radiotherapy: Towards Tailoring Treatment Dose by Genotype. Nature Reviews Cancer 2009; 9(2): 134-42.

Group members


Cancer Research UK Programme grant:

VoxTox - Distinguishing physical and biological determinants of radiotherapy toxicity (Linking radiation dose at the voxel level with toxicity).

Principal Investigator: Prof. Neil Burnet.

Further details:


Cancer Research UK Project grant:

RAPPER - Radiogenomics: Assessment of Polymorphisms for Predicting the Effects of Radiotherapy.

Co-Principal Investigators: Prof. Neil Burnet and Prof. Catharine West (University of Manchester).