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Department of Oncology


Professor Helena Earl


Research Interests

Clinical and Translational Research in Breast and Gynaecological Cancers with the Aim of Individualising Cancer Treatments for Patients.

Our research is focussed on clinical and translational aspects of breast and gynaecological cancers with the ultimate aim of developing individualised cancer treatments for our patients.


Pubmed journal articles - pubmed


  • tAnGo- Science: Molecular determinants of outcome in breast cancer patients treated with a taxane/anthracycline +/- gemcitabine-containing adjuvant chemotherapy regimen. Cancer Research UK TRICC Project Grant. Ref No: C507/A6783. (Co-applicant) October 2005-2008 - (£142,201).
  • Neo-tAnGo (Neoadjuvant tAnGo): A phase III neoadjuvant study of sequential epirubicin / cyclophosphamide and paclitaxel ± gemcitabine, standard or dose-dense, in the treatment of poor risk early breast cancer, with prospective molecular profiling. A National Multi-centre Study a collaboration between Cambridge Translational Cancer Research and Cancer Research UK Trials Unit, Birmingham. Chief Investigator and Lead Applicant. Cancer Research UK Project Grant: Ref No: C57/A4180. 2004-2009 - (£342,402). Additional unrestricted educational grants from Lilly, and free paclitaxel supply from Bristol Myers Squibb.
  • PG-SNPs: The Pharmacogenetics of Early Breast Cancer in clinical trials NEAT, tAnGo, and Neo-tAnGo with Pharmaco-kinetics in Neo-tAnGo patients. Cancer Research UK TRICC project Grant; Ref No:C507/A6306. (Co-Applicant) 2005-2009 - (£ 540,523).
  • PG-SNPs: Cancer Research UK Clinical Training Fellowship for Dr Jean Abraham, for 3 years October 2006-9: Ref No C10097/A7484 - (£144,000).
  • NEAT- Science: Analysis of Topoisomerases as predictors of benefit from anthracyline therapy in the context of the NEAT/BR9601 trials. Lead Applicant Dr John Bartlett, Cancer Research TRICC (co-applicant) October 2004. Ref No:C7602/A6321- (£99,394).
  • MONET: Prospective candidate gene analysis, and molecular profiling of breast cancers from patients in two neoadjuvant treatment trials Neo-tAnGo and MoNET: Towards individualized therapy. Addenbrookes Charities 2005, 1 year for Dr Mahesh Iddawela - (£44,000).
  • Translational Study Award, CR-UK October 2006: Sala E, et al Profiling signatures of chemotherapy response in ovarian cancer: Correlation with dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. Cancer Research UK Project Grant: Ref No: C22479/A8551 - (£23,000).
  • PERSEPHONE: Adjuvant trastuzumab duration in early breast cancer: Six versus twelve months. NCC HTA Project Grant Awarded: 2007-2013. Ref No: 06/303/98. Chief Investigator and Lead Applicant - (£1,980,000).
  • Trans-PERSEPHONE and Trans–PERSEPHONE-SNPs: The pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics of adjuvant trastuzumab. Cancer Research UK TRICC Project Grant: Funding Reference Number: C507/A9675. (Co-applicant). 2008-2013 - (£218,708).
  • ARTemis: Neoadjuvant trial of Avastin and chemotherapy in early breast cancer. (November 2008) CTAAC 2009-2014 - (£480,000). Additional unrestricted educational grants from Roche and Sanofi-Aventis.
  • PET/CT Study: A Multicenter Trial to Measure Early Patterns of Change in [18F]-Fluorodeoxyglucose Uptake by PET/CT in Relapsed Ovarian Cancer Patients. Awarding body: Merck & Co., Inc. Role: Co-investigator (James Brenton, Evis Sala, Christine Parkinson, Ian McNeish, Helena Earl, Norbert Avril, Andrea Rockall) Dates: 2009-2011 - (£ 589,284).
  • OPTIMA prelim: Optimal Personalised Treatment of breast cancer usIng Multi-parameter Analysis: preliminary study. Full application to the NIHR – HTA for Breast Cancer Biomarkers call. Funded June 2011. Co-Applicant - £3.5m. (Lead applicant-Dr Robert Stein, Institution-UCLH Lond.