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The Oncology Management Committee meets once a month and is responsible for ensuring the Department's administration conforms to the University's governing policies and procedures. This includes overseeing the following key areas:

  • Departmental Finances
  • Strategic and financial 5 year planning
  • Human Resources Management
  • Provision and delivery of the department's Postgraduate education programmes 

Committee members:

  • Chair: Richard Gilbertson
  • Deputy Chair: Charlotte Coles
  • Business & Operations: Louisa Bellis & Viv Ronco
  • Clinical Training: Simon Pacey
  • Equality, Wellbeing & Workplace Culture: Hayley Woffendin & Alison Dunning
  • Health & Safety: Alison Dunning & Laura Turner
  • Postgraduate Training: Alison Dunning & Birgitta Olofsson 
  • Finance: Will Clark & Gethin Sanger 
  • Scientific Administration & Website: Hayley Woffendin