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Department of Oncology


The Department of Oncology is an academic department within the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of Cambridge. Our Head of Department is Professor Richard Gilbertson, a world leading expert on childhood brain tumours, who is also Director of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre. We are a multi-site department based on or close to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, which encompasses Addenbrooke's Hospital, several University of Cambridge Departments, internationally renowned Research Institutes and pharmaceutical companies. This co-location of members enables close collaboration of world-class laboratory scientists and doctors and provides access to state-of-the-art clinical, research and training facilities. The Department of Oncology is at the forefront of oncology research and education with a strong focus on translating basic scientific findings into clinical applications for treatment, diagnosis and prevention of cancer. Our major funders include Cancer Research UK, the National Institute for Health Research, Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council.