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Department of Oncology


The University, School of Clinical Medicine, Graduate School of Life Sciences and Department provide various information and welcome events for new students.

University information for new students

The University's Student website provides lots of useful information for new students: This includes:

Postgraduate safety course

The University Safety Office provides a compulsory training course which is run in October and January of each academic year:

This event provides training in:

  • general safety, e.g. use of computers;
  • chemical and laboratory safety, e.g. use of organic chemicals, safe use of pipettes;
  • specialised training, e.g. in use of micro-organisms,  biological reagents, pressurised gasses, ionising radiation, cryogenic gases, etc.

For further information about the course, including how to book a place:

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School of Clinical Medicine

The School of Clinical Medicine holds an induction event in October and January of each academic year to help students settle in.

This event is designed to:

  • welcome new students into the Graduate School
  • provide an opportunity for new students from all departments across the School to meet each other and
  • provide information about:

                   - The School
                   -  Where to find support
                   -  Good research practice
                   -  Plagiarism
                   -  Skills training
                   -  How to make the most of your time in Cambridge
                   -  Avoiding pitfalls

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Postgraduate School of Life Sciences 

The Postgraduate School of Life Sciences Core Skills Training Programme (CSTP) is a group of activities that you are required to complete in your first year. It has been designed to get you started in planning your Researcher Development (RD), providing you with training in the areas of personal effectiveness and communication. When you successfully complete the CSTP you will receive a certificate from the GSLS.

To learn more about the CSTP you should review the course requirements and activity descriptions on the CSTP Moodle site (onto which you will be automatically enrolled before you start). The first activity you should do is a Skills Analysis Survey. This is completed online and will provide you with more information about RD in Cambridge and how to make the most of your time here; we recommend you do this in the first month of your studies.

If you need some advice on where to get started or what to do next with your RD you should contact Dr Sam Byers, who is responsible for RD in Life Sciences. Sam can also answer any questions you might have about the CSTP.

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Departmental information for new students

The Department of Oncology provides new students with an individual induction programme to welcome them into the Department, School of Clinical Medicine and University. 

At the end of the induction programme, a new student should:

  • have met their Supervisory team;
  • be able to find their way around their new workplace;
  • be aware of their local policies and procedures, e.g. for health and safety, IT, etc.;
  • have a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations of their role as a student;
  • have identified any training and development needs in order for them to carry out their research project;
  • been given information about the School and University to allow them to understand the context of the Department; and
  • understand how their progress will be monitored.

Forms to be completed and returned: 

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