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Department of Oncology


This page contains links to forms required for:

For further guidance and information about the procedures in this section see the Departmental Postgraduate student Handbook (.pdf).

Accepting student applications

Prospective Supervisors are asked to complete the following forms if they wish to accept a student:

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Applying for changes to your student status

Information and forms for applying for changes to your student status, such things as intermission (a break from study), leave to work away from Cambridge, or an extension to your submission date are available via your CamSIS self-service account.

You can make an application to change your student status via the 'apply for things' section of your CamSIS self-service. To submit an application, navigate to this section and select the application you would like to make. Once you have followed the instructions for completing the online form and clicked 'submit request', your application will be sent to your Supervisor for consideration before being sent to the next stages of the approval process.

Applications to change your student status are considered by five approval parties:

  1. Your Principal Supervisor
  2. Your Department
  3. Your College
  4. Your Degree Committee
  5. The Student Registry, on behalf of the Postgraduate Committee (formerly Board of Graduate Studies).

When you submit an application via CamSIS, a notification will be sent to your Principal Supervisor, who will then confirm whether he/she approves what you have requested. Once your Principal Supervisor confirms his/her decision, your application will progress to each approval party in the order given above.

The final decision regarding your application will be made at the Student Registry. All applications are considered in line with the policy of the Board of Graduate Studies. The policy for each type of change of status application is available at:

Please note: the onus is on you to manage your applications, which will need supporting comments from various interested parties. Please follow the instructions for your application with care.

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PhD First Year Assessment/Registration

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Second Year Assessment

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Submission and examination of theses

Appointment of examiners for MPhil and PhD thesis:

PhD thesis submission process:

For guidance and information about submission and examination of theses see:

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