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This section covers safety issues related to working away from Cambridge, i.e. for Business Trips, Conferences, Travel, Placements (including all occasions of working offsite) and Field Trips.

Working away from Cambridge means:

any activity undertaken in connection with the business of the University in locations other than those which are the usual domain of the work.

When working away, duties of care and duties imposed under the Health and Safety at Work Act still apply. This means that Line Managers are responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all their staff and students whilst they are undertaking activities related to their work/studies, wherever they are carrying out those activities.

In practice, this means Line Managers must ensure that a host employer, laboratory, or field station have their own safety arrangements in place before their staff member/student is permitted to work/study there. This includes as a minimum requirement that the Line Manager should:

  • do a risk assessment for all activities, or check that there are existing valid risk assessments in place;
  • check out insurance arrangements; and
  • make sure emergency arrangements are in place, e.g. fire evacuation procedures, provision of first aid.

All documentary evidence that these checks have been made should be sent to the Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) at:, as the department is required to keep central records as proof we are abiding by the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Details of any accident or incident occurring whilst you are travelling and/or working away must be recorded on the University's online accident & incident reporting system and your ‘host’ organisation must also record the accident/incident.