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This section contains information about the roles and responsibilities of Postgraduate Student Supervisors, including submission of Supervision and Registration reports reports in Cambridge Graduate Supervision Reporting System (CGSRS):

University Postgraduate Student Policies

The University's Educational and Student Policy Team and Student Registry are  responsible for producing and implementing policies that ensure degree courses offered across the University comply with national and international Quality Assurance standards for course content and delivery, teaching and learning and Student health and wellbeing.

The Student Registry's Post Graduate Committee (formerly Board of Graduate Studies) is responsible for the admission, registration and approval of the all the University's graduate students; i.e. those students studying for the PhD, MSc, MLitt or MPhil degree and other graduate qualifications. The Board meets nine times a year during term time.

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Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities

The University's 'Code of Practice for Research Students' sets out the University's guidelines for those courses examined by scrutiny of an extended research dissertation and an oral examination only. This includes the roles and responsibilities of the Principal Supervisor and advisory team, the department and the student. The relevant Code of Practice for a particular course will be that published in the year that the student commenced his/her studies for a postgraduate course or programme.

The Department's policies and procedures comply with the University's 'Code of Practice for Research Students' and the policies of the Higher Degree Committee for Clinical Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

For information about the roles and responsibilities of Postgraduate Student Supervisors, please see:

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Submission of Supervision and Registration Reports 

Cambridge Graduate Supervision Reporting System (CGSRS) is the online supervision reporting system at the University of Cambridge for use by the supervisors of graduate students, faculties and departments, degree committees, colleges, and the Student Registry.

These reports, once submitted, are available to the student. They are also read, commented on and approved by the course director, degree committee, college and Student Registry. Supervisors are encouraged to give an honest appraisal of the student's progress but to do so in a manner that can be used positively to provide useful feedback.

All Principal Supervisors must report termly on their students' progress through CGSRS. A Supervision Report (non-registration report) should be submitted for every academic term per student, with the exception of PhD students when a PhD Registration Report should be submitted after they have completed their first year assessment, i.e. towards the end of their 3rd term.

You can submit a PhD registration report only once. If you submit a Registration report in error please contact the CamSIS Service desk. Usually only one report can be submitted per term per student, i.e. either a Supervision report or Registration report. If you wish to submit a second Supervision report for the same term, see the guidance and training section below.

Guidance and training

For guidance on writing Supervision and Registration reports see the CGSRS website:

The following training and guidance on how to submit reports in CGSRS is taken from the University's CamSIS website:

Topic View the Video
Write a graduate supervision report   Video
Write a second graduate supervision report for the same term   Video
Write a PhD registration report   Video

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For Student related forms, such as 'Appointment of Examiners' see: Student Procedures & Forms

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