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University homeworking protocol

The University has developed a homeworking protocol to mitigate the potential disruption caused by coronavirus (COVID-19):

This includes:

  • Working arrangements
  • Health, safety & insurance
  • Communication
  • Homeworking tools and set up
  • Additional resources
  • Confidentiality and security whilst homeworking

Remote working guide

The University's OurCambridge initiative has produced guidance on how to  manage our health and wellbeing whilst working remotely during the current pandemic: (.pdf)

This includes quick tips and suggestions for working practices that can help combat some of the challenges we will face, including advice on communications technology and weblinks to relevant resources.

Setting up a home workstation

You should ensure that you have access to a safe homeworking environment in which you can carry out your duties and report any changes in your health to your line manager as soon as possible.  This  includes Coronavirus (COVID-19) and any other sickness or health issues, e.g. pregnancy, accident, injury, disability or work-related stress.  

The University Safety Office has provided guidance on how to set up our home work stations to minimise the risk of health problems associated with use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE), such as upper limb disorders or back pain, as well as stress or visual fatigue: HSD203P Setting up a Home Workstation(.pdf)

This includes advice for:

  • working from a home office
  • working from a  kitchen/dining table with a laptop/table
  • how to improvise with everyday house hold items to achieve best practice when the correct equipment is not available in the home setting

Additional guidance on use of DSE

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