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Department of Oncology


Our Postgraduate Students undertake research courses leading to a PhD, MPhil, or MRes degree. Each student is appointed a Principal Supervisor, who oversees the scientific direction of their research project.


Mr Inigo  Ayestaran
PhD Student
Tracking immune cell dynamics over 20-years for the early detection of ovarian cancer
 Estela  Gonzalez Gualda
PhD Student
Interplay between cellular senescence and plasticity at the origin of lung cancer
Ms Isabelle  Grootes
PhD Student & Biostatistician
Updates and developments of the PREDICT breast cancer prognostication and treatment benefit model
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Mr Kyle  McGeehan
MPhil Student
Modelling discrete subtypes of mutant histone-driven gliomas
 Jamie  McGinn
PhD Student
Epithelial cell dynamics during postnatal growth; relevance for oesophageal cancer development
 Lydia  Parkinson
PhD Student
Cell cycle regulation of differentiation in the paediatric cancer, neuroblastoma
Ms Gladys  Poon
PhD Student
Modelling the Clonal Evolution of Pre-leukemic Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Dr Sabrina  Rossi
Clinical Research Training Fellow
Developing non-invasive tests and a diagnostic framework for early detection of renal cancer