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In view of the current coronavirus situation, please carefully consider whether your travel/working away is absolutely necessary.

Before you travel on University Business:

  1. Discuss with and seek the approval of your Line Manager/Principal Supervisor.
  2. Liaise with our Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) at the earliest opportunity, to ensure you receive appropriate advice and information BEFORE booking your travel.
  3. Complete the appropriate risk assessment form - to access our departmental travel risk assessment forms - click here.
  4. Return your completed forms to our DSO at; failure to return the forms within the given timeframes may result in you being denied permission to travel.
  5. Arrange appropriate accommodation and method of travel.
  6. Obtain University travel insurance as soon as possible after booking your trip (this requires a completed a risk assessment) by following the online registration process:  Cancellation cover is only available from the date of taking out the insurance.
  7. Obtain personal travel insurance for any non-work parts of the stay, e.g. adding extra days before or after your work business, taking part in sports activities. If you travel frequently it may be beneficial to take out annual personal travel insurance, but note that some insurers exclude cover whilst you are overseas for work reasons, so you will still need University travel insurance as well.
  8. Make sure your contact details are up to date on CHRIS (the University's HR system).
  9. While on the trip, report any safety concerns to both your host and home departments.
  10. If the trip is medium or high risk, you must arrange to frequently check in with someone in your home department whilst away.