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The department is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of health and safety for all employees, students and others who may be affected by our activities. This is accomplished by the process of Risk Assessment:

  • The identification of all workplace hazards.
  • The identification of all people who may be exposed to the hazards.
  • The evaluation of the significant risks to which employees, students and others are exposed.
  • The recognition of the likelihood of foreseeable accidents, injuries or near misses occurring.
  • The selection of realistic and practical precautions and control measures.

Risk Assessments must:

  • be carried out as part of the department’s safety management process.  They should include taking into account the equipment, chemicals and materials we use; the buildings we occupy and the systems of work we employ;
  • be reviewed at a specified time, i.e. usually on an annual basis, or sooner if any aspect of the Risk Assessments changes, such as use of new equipment, new personnel using the procedure, or different location in which the procedure will be carried out; and
  • be carried out by individuals who are trained and competent in the process, but all persons engaged in the process must be familiar with and abide by the Risk Assessment.

Information about Risk Assessments can be found on the University Safety Office’s website.

This includes:

  • Risk Assessment Guidance
  • Practical steps for effective Risk Assessment
  • Suggested Action Plan
  • Walk through Assessment form
  • Risk Assessment forms
  • Worked Examples