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Department of Oncology




The PARABLE trial will compare proton beam therapy – which can target radiotherapy beams more precisely – with standard radiotherapy for patients who are at greater risk of long-term heart problems after radiotherapy treatment. It will help to determine whether proton beam therapy can help to deliver adequate doses of radiotherapy to breast tissue, while minimising off-target radiation delivered to the heart. The trial will enrol 192 people across a planned 22 sites in the UK. People allocated to receive proton beam therapy will be treated at either The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester or University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with accommodation provided for those who are travelling far from home. Chief Investigator for PARABLE Charlotte Coles (Department of Oncology, CUH, CRUK RadNet Cambridge Lead) said: “Standard breast radiotherapy is really effective for most people with very few side effects, but there is a small group of patients for whom proton beam therapy may be a better option.”
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