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Department of Oncology



Charlotte Coles (Dept of Oncology, Breast Cancer Programme and lead for CRUK RadNet Cambridge) has received a COVID-19 Outstanding Contribution Award by the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR). The award is in recognition of her role in facilitating the uptake of hypofractionated breast radiotherapy at the start of the pandemic by instigating national discussions via online RCR fora and sharing data from the FAST-Forward trial quickly and widely. This led to RCR COVID guidance for all tumour sites. 

Charlotte Coles is also leading a Lancet Commission on Breast Cancer in partnership with Naomi Lee, Executive Editor. These Commissions are large, influential publications around an important health-related topic. Charlotte and Naomi have brought together a multidisciplinary and inclusive, international team of leaders who will work together over a 2-year period to produce a bold and possibly uncomfortable key message along with positive recommendations for change. Jean Abraham, Catherine Durance, Jane Sales and early career researchers (Maya Bienz, Lynsey Drewett, Alex Fulton, Farasat Kazmi, Mareike Thompson) will form the Cambridge team along with 25 other members representing Europe, North and South America, Africa, India, Australasia and China. The funding partner will be Breast Cancer Now.