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Department of Oncology



Our group aims to understand the influence obesity has on the initiation and progression of female reproductive caners. Our research areas include use of clinically relevant human breast and endometrial organoid models to test the contribution of obese microenvironment components towards cancer initiation, identifying obese mechanisms of epithelial plasticity that promote tumour progression by studying cell state transitions at the single-cell level, and the efficacy of drug responses in obesity-driven tumours. We aim to translate our findings towards biomarker identification for the early detection of obesity-driven cancers.

  • Key areas of interest:
    • CRUK Cambridge Centre research programme(s): Early Detection, Breast
    • Tumour type/site: Breast
    • Methods & technologies: Organoids, CRISPR, scRNA-seq,


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Teaching and Supervisions

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  • Visiting Students
Krishnan-Ang Research Fellow
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University of Cambridge
The Hutchison Building
Box 197, Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Hills Road
+44 (0)1223 768926
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