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Docs & forms

2020-2021 Annual leave form

Personal Safety Training record

Oncology organogram

Department of Oncology organogram

Graduate Student Handbook

Safety Induction Declaration

Student Progress Log Book

Supervisor handbook

Student Intention to Submit form

PhD & MPhil Nomination of Examiners form

BGS Deposit and Copying of Dissertation Declaration form

Application intent form

Departmental grant management procedures

External funding application timeline

CCTC grant applications

Key Safety Staff

Safety Committee

Safety Policy

Safety Reporting Structure

Safety Committee Terms of Reference

SCM Open Access Guidance April 2017

PhD Registration Appointment of Examiners form

PhD Registration Recommendation form

Prospective Supervisor Agreement Form

ATAS form

Student Intention to submit form

2020-2021 Leave record sheet

Student Intention to Submit form

Oncology Sites Dec 2019

Map of Department of Oncology sites located on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Student_Low risk travel assessment form

Staff_Low risk travel assessment form

Student_Medium travel risk assessment form

Staff_Medium risk travel risk assessment form

Student_High risk travel assessment form

Staff_High risk travel assessment form

Next of kin form

Web consent form

DSE self-assessment form

Induction checklist

Work from home form

Temporary Work From Home Risk Assessment

Remote working guide for individuals

Self Isolation form

CHRIS 62 Sickness Self Certification form

Thesis Access Form

Special Leave form Chris 68

Special leave application form Chris 68

MRes/PhD handbook_2020-24

CRUK Cambridge Centre MRes/PhD handbook