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Dr Emma Beddowes

Dr Emma Beddowes

Academic Clinical Lecturer:

Investigating the development and application of circulating free nucleic acids to breast cancer research

I am a medical oncologist with a special interest in breast cancer with a special interest in the use of molecular biomarkers to characterise tumour evolution following treatment. It is known that patients with cancer shed tumour DNA (ctDNA) into the circulation and my particular interest is in using ctDNA to track tumour evolution in patients with advanced breast cancer. I am the principle investigator of the DETECT trial which enrols patients into a programme of serial blood samples whilst undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments. Previous work in our group has shown that changes in ctDNA often proceed those on standard imaging and it is my aim to establish the clinical utility of this technique for both monitoring purposes and also for determining potential pathways of resistance to treatment.

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
Box 278, Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Li Ka Shing Centre
Robinson Way