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Graduate Students

Our Graduate Students undertake research degrees leading to a PhD or MPhil. Each student is appointed a Principal Supervisor, who oversees the scientific direction of their research project.


Wei Cope
  • Clinical Research Training Fellow
  • Molecular pathology of neo-adjuvant breast therapy
Estela Gonzalez Gualda
  • PhD Student
  • Interplay between cellular senescence and plasticity at the origin of lung cancer
Maria Lyasheva
  • MPhil Student
  • 3D Radiobiological modeling & visualisation in oncology
Jamie McGinn
  • PhD Student
  • Epithelial cell dynamics during postnatal growth; relevance for oesophageal cancer development
Dr David Noble
  • Clinical Research Training Fellow
  • The impact of delivered dose on toxicity outcomes for Head and Neck patients receiving Radical Radiotherapy
Lydia Parkinson
  • PhD Student
  • Cell cycle regulation of differentiation in the paediatric cancer, neuroblastoma
Caroline Watson
  • Clinical Research Training Fellow
  • The evolutionary dynamics of pre-leukaemia from longitudinal samples of healthy and transformed blood
Huiqi Yang
  • PhD Student
  • Development of computer-based algorithms for unsupervised (automated) assessment of radiotherapy contouring